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In the competitve world of print advertising, you need an ad that will set you far above your closest competitors. For example, you've seen your current ad in the papers, right next to all the other ads of companies just like yours; perhaps that even offer the same exact services. So the question becomes, "How do I stand out against the competition so that my potential clients come see me rather than my competitor?"

Well, admittedly, it's all in the base operating philosophy we employ. And to get a better idea how it works, simply click into our Advertising Philosophy pages.

Bottom line, RH Power & Associates has a creative team ready at your disposal. We have the experience and ability to conceptualize, design, build and carry to completion the ad that is going to plant your name foremost in the minds of your consumers. They'll respond because your ad has properly presented a strong selling statement, related value and asked for the order (i.e. created urgency)!

We offer a variety of print advertising services for your needs and have many years of experience in all print mediums. They include:

Direct Mail
Marriage Mail
Billboard (Outdoor)
Point Of Purchase (P.O.P.)

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